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Create 1.0
UVO Create is a virtual concept case with both product research and development and space thinking results, which aims to explore more possibilities of space and plays a guiding role in the future product direction of UVO in this virtual concept project.
Create 1.0

As a design and production company of space partition, UVO is not merely thinking about partition itself. We found that space is related to people, while partition is to create space. 

Suppose a young team's office space, in the future team's continuous development and growth process, the demand for space will change continuously. Simply considering the past fixed space, this young team can only continuously divide limited funds into such large fixed assets as offices in the course of development. At the same time, the frequency of office location changes will lead to the loss of company personnel, which is a limitation to its development. However, a stable enterprise that has entered the right track will eventually generate more demand for space due to the continuous changes in its market demand and working methods. 

Stability and mobility of personnel, fixed service and business development, daily and non-daily work, aesthetic feeling of design and economy. We hope to consider space on both sides of the line at the same time and meet everyone's demand for space is our ultimate goal. 

Therefore, UVO puts forward here that space should be flexible and have vitality. 

It is for this reason that UVO Create was born, thinking about the relationship between space and people, and how to make space alive and become people's help.

Create 1.0
Create1.0 is UVO's initial space thinking and product standardization for existing products. Think about how to use more existing products and how to integrate them so as to provide more possibilities for space. At the same time, we have set up a proposition for ourselves, private thinking in open space. Abandoning separated office, open office has become the mainstream, but the disadvantage is the loss of privacy.Especially for some professional types that need private communication, UVO wants to answer whether the current development direction of open office is incomplete. Privacy, noise problems, performance problems, Create1.0 is a thinking answer to solve these problems. 
UVO named from three kinds of thinking about spatial combination. The basic U-shape can cope with the instantly changing V-shape, meet all the demands of space, and there is a kind of progressive relationship in the three product series of O-shape considered for development and future. At the same time, they also support each other. Finally, the perfect space is reached.
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Create 1.0

Create 1.0 is a small and medium-sized office space accommodating up to 70 people, and is also the most common office space scale in the current market.

During this period, the enterprise passed the critical period of initiation and entered the period of development. Therefore, some personnel will have greater mobility due to their exploration of business development. Meetings of different sizes become an important demand during the period of development, while the middle and upper management levels of the enterprise tend to be stable.

Increasing performance, meeting all functional requirements and achieving the maximum utilization of space are the most important factors for us to consider.

  • Create 1.0

    Product U meets the needs of the middle and upper management levels of the enterprise. The enterprise's allocation of middle and upper management levels tends to be mature, and the number of personnel needs also tends to be fixed. In this case, in order to meet their office needs of meeting more visitors, switchable glass is adopted to separate the space, flexibly allocate their privacy and space permeability needs, and double-glass sound insulation design meets their working nature.

    Create 1.0

    Product V  meets the flexible meeting space requirements here. A large meeting room or training room with 15 people is not a daily requirement for enterprises at this stage.

    It is only needed for a few large projects and some external contact occasions. large meeting rooms occupy more space. Therefore, their necessary existence is irreconcilable with the limited office space of the enterprise itself.

    Create 1.0

    Product O  is here to meet employees' private needs. The atrium of the space is the rest area for employees and the internal small meeting area. The O series plays a certain role in dividing the line of sight, visually blocking and enlarging the space feeling area. As a growing enterprise, it is essential to allow diversification and expansion while maintaining a tight team atmosphere. The three small and medium-sized meeting rooms can meet the daily meeting demand in terms of the number of personnel. The two-person conversation room provides a relatively quiet private conversation place. The establishment of meditation room and telephone booth provides more personal space for employees to meet the maximum privacy demand of employees.

In the future, UVO will make more efforts to continuously improve the product series.

Create 1.0 is an initial thought and UVO's review of the current development direction.

The value of UVO is to enhance the value of space, which is our eternal topic.

Space is the resource and foundation of an enterprise ,And we are the makers of space .